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I want to tell you a little bit about myself and what inspired me to finally get out of my own way and follow my dreams. I'm just a city girl turned country, originally from a suburb just outside of Trenton, New Jersey now living in a small town in rural southern central Pennsylvania - beginning to REALLY live my life in my twenties. Who you are about to get to know is so clearly God's work when I think about how much my life has changed in the past few years.

While I may not have an amazing transformation story or a profound resumé, God is working on me every day to turn me into the inspirational role model I've always wanted to be. It is through His unfathomable grace that my hard work towards this future will become reality.

My world is not polished, not Photoshopped, not caked with makeup. It's real and firmly planted on the ground. I enjoy the process of making things look perfect and pretty, glossy, shiny, glittery... but I am humbled daily and know that my authentic self is the one the world needs to see. Freckles, acne, dark circles, blackheads, insecurities, hormones, flaws and all - what you see is what you get.

I dropped out of college two different times, and not because I wasn't intelligent or driven enough, but because God had other plans in store for me. I married soon after my last semester in college and was stuck in menial labor jobs to help with the bills. What with my lack of a college degree, a better paying, more dignified job was essentially impossible to attain. By God's will, I stumbled upon a network marketing opportunity that will help me to shed the weight of bad decisions and forge an income determined only by my hard work.

While I am not a big name known in the Beachbody world, I have a vision and drive that will get me there someday. As an Emerald coach, I have a solid foundation to build a life-changing business and influence the lives of others for the better. My team and I know where we're going, and we're ready to take along those who believe in us for the ride. 

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was meant to go through so much failure in order to learn how to create success as an entrepreneur and serve as an example to the people who are in the shoes that I once wore.

Every person should be blessed to live the life they love and not have to worry about the next paycheck or how they can afford to send their children to college. I wake up every morning and share what I love, some advice I'm learning as I go along, and try to make my little corner of this world a better place.

I am an entrepreneur, a leader, a fitness coach, a blogger, a musician, a chef and baker, a dreamer, and so much more. I've learned that I don't have to wait for someone else's permission to go out and follow my dreams. I have to go out and get them on my own terms, so that list of things that I am will inevitably grow.

I'm here to tell you that all of your struggles of the past are only setting you up for the successes of the future. Your past is only the first chapter in your life book. You can decide to wake up tomorrow and write a better story.

Whether you are looking to change your body, your career, or maybe even change both, it is my passion and pleasure to show you what I have done to change my life. If you're ready to take your life to the next level and leave behind the things that are weighing you down, stopping you from pursuing your dreams and start focusing on your future, I'm all in. That's what I do.

My husband is the biggest blessing I could have ever asked for. At times, I don't even feel like I deserve to be this blessed. God has been faithful through it all and given me the one thing I craved most of all: unconditional love. 

Joshua is my protector, provider, lover, best friend - he's everything. He is the silly, sensitive, sexy, compassionate, nerdy, super-smart man that God made just for me. Our marriage is the singular most wonderful thing I've ever experienced on this planet. It's not perfect. But it's ours. 

I'm ecstatic to share with you my journey: all the struggles, the successes, my goals and the journey to achieving them. I love to write about my faith, recipes and food, my relentless pursuit for personal growth, my past and the lessons I've learned along the way, and all the new experiences that I'm living RIGHT now. 

When I'm not working on my career, I love to EAT, play flute in the community orchestra, shop, journal, take silly pictures, spend time with my family, cuddle and binge watch TV shows with my husband on the couch, burn candles, bake tons of treats, design our dream home, and conquer the world. 

Oh, someday I'm definitely going to visit Harry Potter World in Orlando, Florida and have one huge ginormous geek sesh with my best friend. I like trying different styles of clothes, because I can never decide on just one type: girly, sporty, or nerdy. The beach is my spirit home and the water calls my name and beckons me in - I'm just a big ol' fish. 

I love meeting new people. I love learning. I've learned to love doing things that scare me. The sillier I can be, the better. Life is about FUN, right?! I've also learned that the people I let into my life is the biggest decision I can make.

I'm learning to abandon myself more and more and let Jesus work through me and for me, because I need Him desperately every single day.

I hope you'll stick around and come back. I'm constantly growing and creating, and adding as much value to the interwebs as I can. If you could benefit from a warm smile, a word of encouragement, a little advice, delicious recipes, and a bit of inspiration - you're in the right place.

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